Four Billion Years For A Thong?

This to me constitutes the strongest argument against the existence of any kind of supernatural creator. That a being whom, I am told, is perfect, infinite and all-powerful, to take four billion years plus to produce a thong beggars belief. In fact, I would describe this state of affairs as shambolic. Any credible person can see we needed this from the get-go.

I would here like to reiterate what I have elaborated on elsewhere about the relationship between ‘cleavage’ and the female buttocks. And let us be clear on this point — cleavage is merely the symbolic representation of the buttocks, what the sublime ancient Hindoos called the ‘Gateway to Pleasure.’ It is another ruse of nature to draw in a male for genetic replication. The pushing together of breasts then is akin to the lure used by fisherman, in this case the prey is a male.

I want to dispense with this quickly, and therefore ask the reader to view both photos. What I say instantly becomes clear.


I too was once under the sway of the idea that these things pictured above were here for my pleasure. Many men, especially the young, still live under this delusion. It is a painful awakening when one comes to understand that sex, and everything associated with it, is not about pleasure or ‘love,’ but only a mechanism evolved over millions of years to facilitate the replication of genes.

If it stopped there then life might be somewhat acceptable, but a deeper study of this will reveal that not only sex, but all forms of human activity including thoughts, dreams, hopes, desires and all forms of spiritual belief are gene-directed. If you believe you are in charge, then you are sadly mistaken.

Now humans will readily accept that animals are driven by their genes, but the reality that they themselves are animals in every sense of that word, and also driven by genes, is anathema to them and in most people arouses denial, anger, if not outright hatred. The quickest way to see that humans are animals is to, as Reg Morrison writes,’turn down the sound.’ Watch people interact without a ‘soundtrack’ and you will quickly see they behave exactly the same as the brutes.

This ruse, to make men believe they are different is easily seen in the falsification of how the human species is classified. We are said to be in the ‘hominidae’ group, totally distinct from the family of apes. But this is a sham. DNA studies show that we properly belong to the chimpanzee genus.

Animals have no need to fool themselves. They are robotic in following the dictates of their DNA. Humans are the first creatures to become aware of their own genes and how we are under their control. Obviously a species who understands what is going on would have a low chance of survival. Who would suffer and toil for genes that are million of years old and care nothing for us?

So this reality must be hidden, and our particular gene heritage developed so that illusion in many forms was draped over the fact that though we feel we make decisions and operate our own levers, it is the information stored in our DNA that really ‘decides’ matters.

Religious belief in all its forms is a classic example. We can understand primitive man associating thunderstorms and the like with supernatural displeasure. But how does an infantile belief system persist? It is what might be called a ‘vital insanity.’ Reg Morrison in his book, ‘The Spirit In the Gene’ writes:

‘The primary purpose of this carrot-and-stick device (religion) seems to be to reinforce genetic imperatives by generating powerful group bonds, encouraging altruistic behavior and identifying potential enemies.’

Religion allows us, as one poet noted, to make a wonderous leap ‘from grim reality to the totally bloody ridiculous.’ It is sad for a thinking person to live in a world where probably more than half the population refuse to believe they evolved from other animals. And how does one survive knowing there are ‘Fred Flintstone’-style museums in the U.S. that have dinosaurs roaming side by side with humans?

People do not want to know they are animals because they can clearly see that animals run on instinct alone — and they accept that this instinct is gene controlled. So comes the idea that a God created Man as a special creature able to construct his own destiny. But this is nonsense, as what we call human character is merely instinct in motion. New technologies allow us to study the action of the brain in ways not dreamed of twenty years ago. The results don’t argue for our ability to decide things. They show rather that decisions are already made once they reach our consciousness. No actual ‘thinking’ goes on at the conscious level — decisions are made and then we find out about them later.

Of course we then fall under the false belief that we made the decision, that we are directing things and are not under the control of our genes. As Spinoza said, if a rock kicked by a boot, suddenly found itself flying through the air, and this rock attained to a limited form of self-conciousness, then of course the rock would believe it was flying under its own steam. We believe like the rock does.

This will seem like an alien concept to people who do not think, and I say here that most people think that they think, but in reality spew out cliches, or simply repeat what they have been told or read in a newspaper.

‘Chaos of thought and passion
all confused’

— Alexander Pope

A person who becomes aware of this and really takes it to heart is in serious trouble. For it is this type of person who will then question the reason for existing. He will ask: ‘Why should I be involved in a blind process that has only one purpose –creating new beings to transfer my genes over to?’ We can see this at work, as it is well-known that as intellect rises breeding goes down. The majority of great geniuses had no children at all.

Living without fooling yourself seems an impossibility. A wise Hindoo sage noted centuries ago that the only loss we never recover from is the loss of our illusions.

Yes, four billion years is a long time for a ‘Creator’ to come up with a thong.

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8 thoughts on “Four Billion Years For A Thong?

  1. DeltaBravo

    I’m glad to see you’re taking my advice…FINALLY. This is what I’m talking about! Still I could do without all the word thingies and lose the monkey picture. Other than that Yessir! Boob CITY! Can you add one of them rotating babe cartoons to this? PERFECTO!

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      You listen to me you little twerp. I’ve told you this countless times before…if all you want to do is booze it up, smoke joints, look at chick’s tits and thongs, the only work for you in the future will be as a foreign news bureau chief. Is that what you want? Do you want to throw it all away?

  2. Michael E. Henderson

    “Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.”

    Justice Felix Frankfurter

    Thank God we finally got around to designing it.

    The only difference between a man and a chimp is that the man is aware that he’s a man, and that the chimp’s a chimp. It’s our awareness that separates us, that’s all.

    It’s our awareness that allows us to create gods. We seek answers, and the easiest is that a god did it. That’s part of the purpose of religion. The other is to control us.

    Looking at the moon the other night I wondered what I would think if I were an ancient without any understanding of what it was. I would assign (or project) properties of life to it, and decide that it was certainly a god. Same with the sun and all the celestial bodies.

    At that point the curtain of illusion is drawn.

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      I think as religious belief collapses we will see state control move in to take over. This process is already underway. There is simply no way to control the masses without some kind of illusion and science has indeed killed God. A void is very dangerous. We’ll all get microchips. The thought police are not far away!

      I always think the same thing when I look at the moon. First it is incredible that we and our primitive ancestors looked at the very same moon.

      I’m really glad you didn’t look at the girl’s bum or the other one’s breasts. A lot of men would do just that ignoring the words. But I can see you hold yourself to higher standards. Who needs to look at women in thongs when you can read Spinoza instead?

  3. Paul of Tarsus

    You write so much about religion, God, etc I wonder if you are trying to convince the world or yourself?

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      I write about lots of things. I can here refer you to the archives. I have a God, and his name is Spinoza.

  4. merriannie

    Does this mean I have to go out in near zero cold temperatures to buy food? I say, no!

    Out, damned DNA! Out, I say!— …. Why, then, ’tis time to do ’t. Hell is murky!—Fie, my lord, fie!

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      You’ve fallen completely under the sway of your DNA. Me too. Bikinis = four houses gone.


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