The Baggage of Life

Among the silliest statements humans make is this one — ‘I just want to be happy.’ As a rule this is said by the young, and because of their short experience of this world they can be forgiven. They will soon learn of their own accord. I always advocate that children should be informed from day one that happiness is not possible in this world, and the reasons for this I shall explain.

Firstly there is nothing about this world, in its construction or makeup that is remotely designed to bring human happiness. This is not the goal of life. In fact, most things in this world seem designed to make people unhappy. If I were to instruct, say, young men, in what life is all about I would tell them something simple like this — ‘you’re here to find a chick, drain the prunes creating new, temporary gene storage units which are called children — and then croak, sometimes horribly.

Of course I would add that they will also be engaged in a nonstop war of survival with countless other organisms each trying to replicate their genetic material. And at the end of this struggle, all die with sword in hand. For this world is nothing other than, ‘the battleground of tormented, agonized beings who devour each other for survival.’ This should be taught in all schools and at the earliest possible moment. One should always follow Aristotle’s advice — not to seek happiness but rather try to reduce unhappiness

Misery is everywhere the rule in underdeveloped countries which, I say, constitute more than half of the world. Let us look to the developed world. These are rich countries and we might expect people to be happy, at least most. However there we battle to find a happy person. How is this possible? It is difficult to find a North American who is not on some kind of what I call ‘mental pills.’ Uppers, downers, feel gooders, pills for this and that. The poor and rich are sad.

The reason for this has been known since antiquity. Human life, indeed all life is dominated by suffering. This suffering is the result of unending desire, craving, greed and the attachment to material things. But desire cannot be quenched, it never goes away. Once a desire is fulfilled five more step into its place. And so on it goes. We wait excitedly for the next smartphone, skinny TV or what have you, only to buy it and within a few weeks are bored to tears and wait for the next, newest model. We race home in traffic Friday evening expecting a joyous weekend only to find, as a rule, that by Sunday we don’t have a clue what to do with ourselves. We are bored to tears and can’t wait for work to start again.

As one poet has noted, millions of people want immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a Sunday afternoon. Imagine living forever! Surely if men could they would soon go mad from boredom and start killing each other.

What is this modern world but a free-for-all competition of rival cravings and greeds? This is what the Great Buddha noted in his Noble Truths. Desire is constant, and desire causes suffering. It is a little-known fact that Buddha did not want to improve this world, only to escape from it. For he knew that the essences of existence cannot be changed.

No permanence exists here. All is decaying. The fate of anything born is death. Nothing survives time, the universe is in flux and soon our entire world will be no more. As Shelley has it:

‘Worlds on worlds are rolling ever from creation to decay,
Like the bubbles on a river, sparkling, bursting, borne away.’

What credible person can survey the terrible suffering on earth and claim that a God is running the show and that this is an all-loving God? The concept is laughable. I say it is only the incurably fundamentalist mind and the uneducated who continue to believe such things.

Now the sublime Buddha taught a doctrine of love and compassion, but nowhere did he make the absurd and wild claim that our world was ruled by a supernatural force of love and compassion. The Western idea of God is comical to Buddhists.

Even the great Albert Einstein has his ducks in a row on this:

‘If God is omnipotent then every occurrence, including every human action, every human thought and every human feeling and aspiration, is also his work; how is it possible to think of holding men responsible for their deeds and thoughts before such an almighty being? In giving our punishments and rewards, he would be passing judgement on himself. How can this be combined with the goodness and righteousness ascribed to him?’

We can be sure that if Jesus could be aware of the sadistic outrages committed in this world in His name He would be filled with horror. Not only could Jesus not have belonged to any church we know today, but it is likely that during the church’s heyday in the Middle Ages he would have been accused of heresy and possibly burned at the stake. There has only been one true Christian, said Nietzsche, and ‘he died on the Cross.’ Modern religion would be something alien to Jesus and we must not hesitate to say that there is no connection whatsoever between the gentle teachings of that great man and what is today called Christianity.

The absurdity of modern Christianity can be exposed by simply taking a serious look at it. For according to this doctrine God created out of nothing a weak race prone to sin, in order to give them over to endless torment. We are told this God prescribes forbearance and forgiveness of every fault — but He does the opposite himself!

Think about it…

The punishment for wrongdoing in Christianity comes at the end of all things, when the world is over and done with. So it cannot have for its object either to improve or deter, and is therefore pure vengeance. From this view then, the entire race of humans is actually destined to eternal torture and damnation and created expressly for this end, save for the few rescued by election of grace — and from what motive these latter are saved? No one knows!

The great British explorer Sir Richard Burton spoke forty languages and studied all religions. He wrote:

‘The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself.’

Let us take a look again at people in the Western world. Everything there has changed for the better — except Man! Everything looks happier on the surface yet Man himself is no happier. More and more people worry themselves into insanity and psychiatry has become a big business. Countless millions in developed countries are neurotics haunted by inferiority and insecurity. Why? Because they really believe in nothing. They are spiritually bankrupt.

We can say that the Western world is in the advanced stage of a complete nervous breakdown. It is my view that we will see the states, with their security apparatuses, take the place of any kind of religious belief. The masses are dangerous when not being fooled or lied to. Temporarily, humans can bang away on their smartphones sending idiotic messages to one another. But new technologies will not fill the void. It seems to me life will have to be dictated and controlled by the state. This process is already underway.

Notice that happiness lies either in the future or the past, never the present. The present is always inadequate because it is dominated by desire, the future is uncertain and the past irrecoverable.

Really life should disgust us, filled as it is with misfortunes large and small, with its deluded hopes, unfulfilled wishes — and by the way it speeds us to old age, sickness and death, that irremediable shipwreck.

‘Then old age and experience, hand in hand,
Lead him to death, and make him understand,
After a search so painful and long,
That all his life he has been in the wrong.’

The sublime Voltaire understood this all his life. He said happiness is only a dream and pain is real…

‘I have experienced this for eighty years. I know of nothing better than to resign myself to this and to say that flies are born to be eaten by spiders, and men to be devoured by trouble and affliction.’

The more a man knows of this world, the more he has traveled and experienced things, the more he will be disgusted by his ‘fellow men.’ For I and the great thinkers across the ages have seen that the conduct of men towards one another is characterized by injustice, extreme unfairness, hardness and even blatant cruelty.

The only way humans can survive is by ignoring these truths and practicing ‘busyness’ to avoid thinking. This runs the gamut from idiotic hobbies, idle chatter, the ugly quest for money and every manner of nonsense one can think of.

As the wise ancient Latin wrote:

‘Natum non esse sortes vincit alias omnes: proxima autem est, ubi quis in lucem editus fuerit, eodem redire, unde venit, quam ocissime’

‘Never to be born is far best; yet if a man lives, the next best thing is for him to return as quickly as possible to the place from which he came.’

This is the real, the world, the true.

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28 thoughts on “The Baggage of Life

  1. Lloyd(ripster44)

    I have to agree to disagree. Most religions teach that people should not lie,or steal and so forth But is that sufficient? Can ones claiming to be religious and abide by most of God’s teaching’s really be following there religious beliefs.When the light’s go out and behind closed doors are they totally different people? Would you want to be part of a organization that follow’s the Bible ( Almost )? Let me put it this way, if someone gave you a nice cold glass of water and said to you “before you drink it you must know that there’s one drop of a deadly poison in it”, Would you still drink it because most of it is good?
    2Tim. 3:2,5 say’s Men will be …..having a form of godly devotion but proving false to it’s power,and from these turn away. I would also like to draw to your attention 2Cor. 11:14,15. “Satan himself keep’s transforming himself into an angel of light. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness.” So if you took a good look at that we are cautioned that not everything that originates with Satan may appear hideous.This is one of his chief methods of deceiving mankind has been false religion of all kinds,to some of which he gives a righteous appearance.
    Hey I like your new picture, I haven’t seen you for what? 20 year’s or so? Well you haven’t changed a bit. What’s your secret? Do you use oil of olay?

      1. Lloyd(ripster44)

        Agreeing with what the group and giving scriptural back up. Such as one quote ” we all love Jesus but despise the lies that ended up as what is called ‘Christianity.”

  2. Paul of Tarsus

    Actually, as a Christian I find these comments all very inspiring and uplifting to my faith. The constants attacks simply confirm what Christ said,”They hated me and they will hate you.” Thanks for the encouragement.

        1. Michael E. Henderson

          I thought you read this post. I’ll summarize it for you: Suffering, unhappiness, and death. That’s it.

          That is, if you see things as they really are. If you look at them through the deluded lens of religion, you may think it’s different, but it’s not.

          Religion, including Jesus, offers only lies. I’ll take the truth, harsh as it is.

          1. Paul of Tarsus

            I agree and know what you mean. My wife has been dealing with brain cancer the last 7 years and our 20 year old daughter was killed in a car accident 3 years ago. Through all of this, Christ has strengthened me. The power of God has also completely transformed my life. Lies and delusions do not have that kind of staying power.

          2. Chris Henderson

            Mike, simple minded people can’t accept the fact that we are destined to be nothing more than worm food. Religion was created to control and scare people. You cannot reason with believers, but I understand your desire to inject reason into ignorance.

            1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

              One of the things that bothers me is the way religion seeps into the lives of people who want nothing to do with it. I thought that in most democracies there was supposed to be a distinct line between state business and the church.

              But that’s a joke. Could any atheist, in any democracy, ever get elected? Why does the Vatican step in to give an opinion on world affairs? Why is there a priest standing next to the mayor at the opening of every shopping mall? Why was I forced to read the Lord’s Prayer in school? I hope that still doesn’t go on.

              I would prefer that we go back to the days when the Vatican hosted orgies roundabout the 11th century. Now there’s a religion!

              If people want to ‘worship’ fine with me, but I wish they would go and do it somewhere else.

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      I love Jesus more than my chick, and she is ten times hotter than Jesus! No, we all love Jesus but despise the lies that ended up as what is called ‘Christianity.’

  3. Lucy

    You’re a genius with words, Joe. This is a riveting blog – one you don’t stop in the middle of to put another load in the laundry.

    What I thought as I was reading: Every Christian needs to read this.

    Then I had another thought.

    Christians, like the rest of us, are miserable. In the myth of Christianity, they find moments of joy – of hope and peace. Just moments, but it’s there for them.

    This is why I would not point this blog out to the Christians I know. For what a miserable person I’d be to want to destroy what small joys they find in their fantasy.

    However, the next time I see a Christian wanting to hurt other people because they’re not Christians, I will happily point them to this blog. The world is full of that type of Christian, sadly.

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      My doctor friends tell me that Christians, and I mean real believers, shout and scream in the hospital when death approaches in the same way most non-believers do. This is curious, for in the New Testament evil and world are used as synonyms. There is the promise of a ‘better world’ which tells me this one is not very good.

      But if they believe in a Heaven and understand this world is bad, why not welcome death? Remember that the symbol of Christianity is an instrument of torture.

      1. Lucy

        That’s a good question, Joe.

        I know a devout Christian who did just that on her death bed. She begged not to be sent to hell. She said, “I’m going to hell. Don’t let me go to hell.” She was coming out of the morphine when she did that. It was the last words she spoke before she died. I was there.

        1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

          Heaven always came across to me as quite boring. You know, filled with midwest housewives in long dresses who are averse to threesomes. Lucifer seems to have it goin down there. Lots of women in tights, plenty to drink. I’m leaning in that direction.

  4. DeltaBravo

    I like the direction your blog is going in this year. Could use a little less with the blasphemy. You’re putting off your core audience (geriatric religious nutter shut ins). and add more chick stuff and you can never have too many spinning cartoon babes (also make it less wordy). For this one I would have cut it down to something like: “Here’s some pictures of some babes and satan stuff. The end.”

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      Your future? Your future’s all used up boy. You promised me a review of the latest x-box or a short story based on your failure as a human being. Where are they?

        1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

          Where’d you get the money for pizza since you don’t work? Did you rob the old lady again?

    1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

      I’ve had some complaints about a lack of thong photos in this one. Soon I’ll post a photo of myself in Jane Fonda workout gear.

      1. Lloyd

        OK You got my attention and somehow suckered me into your conversations. First off if you were a baseball player I believe you would be playing left field. You seem to cut down all religion but quote some ie:Buddha.
        A recent tabulation concluded that there are 10 main religions and some 10,000 sects. Of these, some 6,000 exist in Africa, 1,200 in the United States, and hundred’s in other land’s.
        Many factors have contributed to the development of new religious groups. Some have said that the various religions all represent different way’s of presenting religious truth.But a comparison of there teachings and practices with the Bible indicates, rather, that the diversity of religions is because people have become followers of men instead of listening to God. It is noteworthy that, to a large extent. teachings they hold in common, but that differ from the Bible, originated in ancient Babylon.
        Who is the instigator of such religious confusion? The Bible identifies Satan the Devil as ” the god of this system of thing’s.”(2 Cor. 4:4.) It warns us that ” the things which the nations sacrifice they sacrifice to demons, and not to God.” 1 Cor.10:20..How important it is to know and understand this, there is only 1 true worship and 1 true God. the one who created the heavens and earth. To your credit I can understand why you feel the way you do about man and earth and the future of mankind, but having said that, there is a reason why we are here and that this selfish greedy system of things will not stand forever, there is hope.
        I’ll leave you with that for now. I’m sending you this note with the utmost respect for your thoughts and word’s.

        1. pwpadminpwpadmin Post author

          Thanks for all that and I appreciate the spirit in which you write it.

          Before we think, we should think about how we think.

          I mean the architecture of the human brain or mind. We link things together in our mind to form concepts and imagery. The unexplained must somehow, for our mental stability, have an explanation. I believe this is the origin of religion.

          Thunderstorms, getting fired, becoming ill — how could these things happen ‘out of the blue?’ If they are mere chance it means we have no control, anything could happen at any time. This is unacceptable to most.

          There must be a cause. But I say, as Nazi death camp commanders told arriving Jews, ‘Here, there is no why.’

          One thing I am certain of is that whatever religious system Mankind has adopted they have all failed, become corrupted.


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