The Old Enemies: The Real and The Fake

    'Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.'       Few questions have occupied the philosophers and great thinkers of all ages more than this: How could a truly good deed or person exist in a world like this? And what kind of world is this? One where everything eats everything else, and more often than not badness is rewarded and the good punished. Where real talent is shoved aside and its place Read more [...]

Zoon Politikon Nude

      'Parliament is an institution for the satisfaction of vanity and ambition and for the furtherance of the personal interests of the members... If we study the psychology of the professional politicians in all those countries with a representative form of government, we will find that the compelling force which drives them into public life, is the necessity for a larger space in which the growth and activity of their Ego can continue without restraint...The point of the greatest importance to them is the unchecked expansion of an Ego that has painful cramps if obliged Read more [...]

At The Grave of Schopenhauer

      It's never easy to live on the periphery of society. 'Herd animals,' the 'voting cattle,' never do this. They prefer a kind of peaceful mediocrity, a place they can breed. It might not be interesting, but it's safe. Arthur Schopenhauer was not that kind of man. It must be said here that Schopenhauer never had to work. He'd inherited enough money to live out his seventy-two years without recourse to labour. Many will bemoan this, I know. Schopenhauer feared all his life that he may lose his money and be forced into the workplace. I doubt he could survive any Read more [...]

Only The Fraudulent Are Welcome

          ''Faith' is but the magic ingredient that allows us to make that wonderous leap from grim reality to the totally bloody ridiculous.'   Reg Morrison The Spirit in the Gene     Now we are in the most dangerous of times. Ancient superstitions, to which, are given the name religions, are falling away. What will replace them? For now, the 'social media' -- this meaning the incessant chattering about nothing. Jesus doesn't seem to be coming so keep clicking those buttons, keep the phone stuck to your ear. We have the internet, Read more [...]

A Man’s Feet Are Responsible For Him

        King Solomon employed at his palace two scribes from the ancient land known as Kush. They were sons of Shisha, and known as Elichoreph and Achiyah. Elichoreph and Achiyah were away from the palace conducting royal business in the town while Solomon relaxed in his vast garden. Suddenly, The Angel of Death appeared from behind a tree. King Solomon looked up and watched Death drift slowly past. The king noticed Death looked sad, so he beckoned and when Death turned to him he asked: 'Why are you sad?' 'I have been told to take the two scribes Read more [...]

Cities Of The Silent

          'I left this irksome life with all mine heart, lest worse than death should happen to my part.' Castrancanus     Nothing was more despised by the ancient Romans than defeated gladiators who frantically begged for their lives. Cicero, one of the few from that time period who actually loathed gladiatorial games, said that crowds, 'abhor and abominate the cowards who beg and implore us to let them live, while we seek to preserve the lives of the brave who impetuously face death.' The retiarius was a lightly armored gladiator Read more [...]

Mind As Verb

      Albert Schweitzer is my hero.     'Our culture divides people into two classes: civilized men, a title bestowed on the persons who do the classifying; and others, who have only the human form, who may perish or go to the dogs for all the 'civilized men' care...     Oh, this 'noble' culture of ours! It speaks so piously of human dignity and human rights and then disregards this dignity and these rights of countless millions and treads them underfoot, only because they live overseas or because their skins are of different color Read more [...]

Loud, Confused Noise From Many Sources

    ‘I am extraordinarily susceptible to loud noises, but they lose all their disagreeableness as soon as they are connected with some rational objective.' Lichtenberg       I live in the country, but I am not really a farmer. One might call me a 'loser farmer,' as I do have some crops but don't care that much about tilling the earth. But because I'm here I'm subject to noises from the nearby peasants. Winter brings relative calm, but now it's spring and their cutting tools and tractors are being fueled. I feel like running away. Natural sounds Read more [...]

Picking Up A Bee

  'Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin among the great number who are not good.' Machiavelli       The term Machiavellian has a negative connotation. For a long time in Europe Machiavelli himself was seen as a diabolical figure, some going so far as to equate him with Lucifer. He was a genius in pulling off the following stunt -- being banned by the Catholic church and at the same time despised by the Protestants. This is always the mark of a good and honest man. As so often, when speaking of religious affairs, things stray into Read more [...]

‘Only The Real Can Know Reality’

      In the most highly developed branch of the human family there is a single, common characteristic. First let it be said that it is foolish to believe all humans are equal. All humans (and other living organisms) should have equal rights -- but they are certainly not equal, and this is especially true of humans. For nowhere in the animal world do we find such a spread of ability and intellect as in humans. One can have a dog that is slightly more intelligent than another dog, but in humans the difference can be vast. So vast, that I believe, an unintelligent human Read more [...]