Drunk Butterflies (unedited)

          'If a man can wake up from his half-dream state, he can come to his senses, become aware of his proper forces and powers, and change reality in such a way that illusions are no longer necessary.' Freud     I believe I can say this with a degree of certainty: There are no happy people. At first glance this seems incredible. How could no one be happy? Now, there will be those who attempt to refute this, those that will claim they are happy. But it is my view, based on personal experience traveling across more than one hundred Read more [...]

Bean’s Quality People Part III

  'Phoniness is the common trait of all I hate, genuineness is common to all I rate'         So many hits did yesterday's article bring that the hosting company was forced to hire two guys with real firefighting hoses to spray the machinery all night long to keep it from overheating. Not really, and maybe ten million was a bit exaggerated. I understand the North Korean leader (bless his haircut) visits on a regular basis. By now most of you will have noted the return of that God-forsaken kid 'Delta Bravo.' I can only pray that the police will find Read more [...]

Bean’s Quality People Part II

      Another resounding success with the 'Quality People Part 1' post. Putin himself logged in. Ten million hits worldwide. I'll never speak of sex or death again. But as a big wave often brings garbage to the shoreline so too with the soaring popularity of this website -- yes, that moronic teenager 'Delta Bravo' is back, and in possession of an internet-capable phone (stolen from his mother) and is inundating me with increasingly worrying comments and suggestions. I don't know what he's taking, but he writes as if he does not know whether he is afoot or horseback. Read more [...]

Bean’s Quality People

    As we continue to stay away from talking about sex and death. Now this is a tough list. I can say that these are in no particular order. I should note too that the comments and contact sections of the site should be working now. I think most everyone will agree that there are not many truly good people. They have always, and will always, be the few. ‘They no longer know that the many are always the evil and the few the good.’ Heraclitus   Freud was even harsher: 'I have found little that is good in human beings, most of them are trash.' Experience has Read more [...]

Bean’s Quality Books

        Due to the incandescent success of my 'Quality Films' post (6.7 million views worldwide!) I've decided to move further away from talking about sex and death, and once again into the cultural realm. Today we can speak of books. I will not waste your time listing top-class books that I'm sure most people know about and have read, but rather classics that possibly, are not so well-known. Update! Comments and contact forms should be working. The only person I really don't want commenting is that stupid American punk that goes by the name of 'Delta Bravo.' Read more [...]

Bean’s Quality Films

    A lot of women write into me each day with a singular message: Why don't you stop talking about sex all the time and write about a proper subject! Another woman wrote: You're a sick puppy and no real woman would go out with you! Yet another lady said: You say you were in 'the wars.' Did an artillery piece go off next to your head? It certainly seems so based on what I see on your website. One woman even accused me of having a female aerobic-outfit fetish and said I was 'into bras.' So, today I speak of movies. For one week I've, every night, watched an Read more [...]

Neutral Milk

    I started asking questions about all this religious stuff when I was young and happened upon a cow nursing its calf in a field. At first they feed you this line about Jesus, Mary and how God created Man separate from the brutes. This 'teaching' left me with the impression that humans are different from animals, that human nipples are somehow different from a cow's. They made us pray to this God in school, sort of thanking him for making us. Anyway, Man was to rule over the brutes and God gave us this world as a kind of playground so that: '...that they may rule over the Read more [...]

That Endureth No Man

  'Timon will to the woods, where he shall find Th' unkindest beast more kinder than mankind. The gods confound - hear me, you good gods all - Th' Athenians both within and out that wall! And grant, as Timon grows, his hate may grow To the whole race of mankind, high and low!' William Shakespeare Timon of Athens       Above sits Timon of Athens in front of his cave. He's obviously depressed. He's understood what all generous and kind people eventually come to know -- that  kindness and generosity are almost always abused. Now, as well as in the ancient Read more [...]

The Old Enemies: The Real and The Fake

    'Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.'       Few questions have occupied the philosophers and great thinkers of all ages more than this: How could a truly good deed or person exist in a world like this? And what kind of world is this? One where everything eats everything else, and more often than not badness is rewarded and the good punished. Where real talent is shoved aside and its place Read more [...]

Zoon Politikon Nude

      'Parliament is an institution for the satisfaction of vanity and ambition and for the furtherance of the personal interests of the members... If we study the psychology of the professional politicians in all those countries with a representative form of government, we will find that the compelling force which drives them into public life, is the necessity for a larger space in which the growth and activity of their Ego can continue without restraint...The point of the greatest importance to them is the unchecked expansion of an Ego that has painful cramps if obliged Read more [...]